The most popular tourist attraction in Yazd is its Jame’ Mosque. Being about 900 years old, Yazd Jame’ Mosque is one of the oldest mosques of Iran with its eye-catching and unique architectural style. The minarets of Jame’ Mosque are the tallest of their kind in the entire world with 52 meters of height and the azure and turquoise tile-work used in the altar,, dome, and minarets of this mosque are one of the kind in their own right. It is registered as a National Heritage and also still continues to provide its services for holding religious ceremonies in it.

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It is said that Yazd Jame’ Mosque is built upon a fire-temple and for this reason it dates back to the Sassanid Dynasty. Nevertheless, the main edifice is 900 years old and has had physical movements throughout the time and enjoyed getting additional compartments. The minarets of this mosque are known to be the tallest in the entire world. At the bottom, these minarets are eight meters in diameter and gradually become thinner as they rise. The important point is that only one of them has a staircase and yet both have a delicate and subtle tile-worked full of images and patterns even when they grow as high as 52 meters.

The minarets collapsed about 80 years ago but were then renovated and reconstructed. From under the mosque, a Qanat or well called Zarach passes through and there are also stairs placed that lead to the afterbyy of the mosque. Of course, the tourists cannot visit the well and the afterbyy. One of the most beautiful parts of Yazd Jame’ mosque is its colorful tile work especially the azure-colored dome and altar on which there are Quranic verses printed in Tuluth calligraphy. It is said that the soil of Karbla, which is an area of great religious significance for the Shiiet Muslims, has been mixed with rosewater as the constructive material of the mosque.

One of the wonders found in the architectural design of this mosque is that there has been no metal used in its construction and only coves, plaster, and quicklime have been used in the construction of Yazd Jame’ mosque. This mosque has entered the index of national heritage while it is also one of the most frequently visited attractions of this city; it has nevertheless managed to maintain its religious function and mass prayers are regularly held in it three times a day. When a bank note with the value of 20 Tomans was still in Iran’s monetary circulation, they used to print the image of this mosque at the back of the note in question.

Jame’ Mosque of Yazd is located in the city center in Imam Khomeini Street and all buses and taxis from all over the town can take you there on their way. So, you can easily get to Imam Khomeini Street from wherever you are. Also, it is possible to rent a bicycle and paddle your way to the mosque.

From the morning to the evening adhan or calal to prayer, which means from the sunrise to the sunset, you will have an opportunity to visit Yazd Jame’ mosque. The best visit hours, however, are from 8 in the morning to 12 at noon. At this time, Jame’ mosque will be less crowded in comparison with the rest of the day. Moreover, after the nightly prayers, when it is entirely dark, the mosque looks far more glorious. In official praying times, that is at the time of the sunrise, when the sun is at the center of the sky, and also at the time of the sunset, Yazd Jame’ mosque will be more crowded since many people attend there to do their praying rituals.

On Fridays, the mosque is quite crowded due to the weekend mass prayers. This aside, in the 20-day long period of national New Year holidays, Nowrooz in March, many tourists come to visit the city and naturally the mosque will be heavily populated. However, there is no specific day off in this mosque unless you find certain parts of it coincidently closed and inaccessible for certain operations such as renovation and reconstruction and thus unavailable for visiting. Nevertheless, there are certain restrictions upon visiting whose details better be enquired from the mosque's officials.

20,000 Tomans

Mosque is a religious place. Thus, it is expected for the visitors to address and respect the religious codes of the Muslims in it. At the hours of mass prayers and praying time, you should not go for a visit to Jame’ mosque since it is regarded disrespectful. Moreover, wear clothes considered appropriate to the religious norms and principles of a relevant dress code. Women are required to wear Islamic hijab or Chawdor to be able to visit the mosque. Please refrain from eating or drinking in the Jame’ mosque of Yazd. However, taking pictures in there, without the use of tripod and flashlight, is allowed. There are restrictions and changes in schedule for visiting the mosque roof top and interior that vary on the basis of the visitors' gender and should be enquired about from the officials of the mosque.