Iranian miniature is a painting style on paper serving for illustration in books or as a pure artwork. All round the globe, this particular kind of painting is considered as the most popular and well-known Iranian painting. In Iranian miniature painting, there is aggrandizement as key illustration techniques and thus it cannot be considered a realistic style of painting. There is no shading or chiaroscuro and amassed volumes in this kind of painting and its structure cannot be said to be symmetrical. Faces, in this kind of painting, are portrayed in three-quartet view from the parotic or side of the face up the eye sockets. There are also occasions in which faces or portrayed from side view and very rarely from behind. One of the most distinguishing features of this style of painting is the margins of the center image being decorated with allegorical images, various types of animals, branch-like patterns, and arabesque or Cathay calligraphy which attract the attention of the beholder and indicate the outmost subtlety and delicacy in the artistic taste of its creator.

Persian miniature

Where to Buy Iranian or Persian Miniature from?

The biggest center of miniature-work stores, in Tehran, is located in Nejat’Ollahi (former Villa) St. However, in other major cities of the country, you can purchase miniatures from credible and official handicraft stores. Also, in the Museum-Palace of Sa’d’Aabaad, Tehran, there are two museums one known as Master Farshchiyan and Master Husssein Behzad Museums in which the miniature paintings of these two great artists are put on display. There, you usually can purchase a copy of the original work of Master Farshchiyan. You can refer to the relevant section on this website to get more information about the working hours and the direction of the museum in question.

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