Tabi’at or Nature Bridge is one of the most beautiful modern bridges which has recently turned into one of the attractions of Tehran. It is originally designed and constructed as a bridge exclusively for taking a walk on it, crosses from one side of Sadr highway to the other and connects two important parks, that is, Aab va Aatash or water and fire bridge and also Haqqani forest or jungle park, each located at one end of the highway. The designers of this bridge are Leila Araqiyan and Ali'reza Behzadi.

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Tabi’at bridge, which is considered to be the biggest passenger bridge in Iran, has got three stages and is built so that the capital-dwellers have a chance to experience taking a long walk with family and can enjoy group walks and jogging without being troubled by the presence of the cars and other vehicles together with friends and family. At one end, Tabi’at Bridge ends in ayatollah Taliqani Jungle Park and its other end takes you to Aab va Aatash park. In summer, due to the green landscape all around it and also due to the picturesque of Alborz Mountains on north, the bridge is quite spectacular.


In the bridge's path, there are resting places designed with the most ideal urban furniture and platforms for the citizens' sitting down and getting rest. Moreover, there are many cafés and restaurants located on the path of the bridge which have provided the opportunity for the citizens to try delicious and diverse tastes and flavors and have more fun and enjoy this experience to a great extent. Tabi’at or Nature Bridge is considered as the youngest tourist attraction of Tehran and it is hardly over three years, that is, 2014. It is said that the bridge is fully resistant against earthquake and can even tolerate and resist against earthquakes as intense as 7 degrees on Richter scale.

You can get to the bridge from both ayatollah Taliqani and Aab va Aatash parks. The closest subways station to the bridge is that of Shahid Haqqani. Taliqani Park is located right adjacent to the subway station. After about a twenty minute talk, you will find yourself right on the bridge.


However, if you wish to go to Tabi’at Bridge by private car, there are two main ways to take. One is to take Mir'damad Street and from there enter Africa Street - also called nelson Mandela Street - and then drive north. But keep in mind that you need to look for a parking spot before the end of the street and getting to the end of the highway since naturally you will not be able to park in the highway.


The other way is to enter Haqqani highway, from west to east, and then enter the street located between Taliqani Bostan or park and the museum-garden of Iran-Iraq war memorial. In overall, mind that on holidays, it might be difficult to find some available parking spot.

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Tabi’at or Nature Bridge connects two natural sites of the capital and it is in fact named Nature Bridge for this very reason. In addition, it might be interesting for you to know that it is designed and architecturally planned based on the architectural design of Khajou Bridge and its columns have the shape of trees which emphasizes its naturality and nature-friendliness. In summer, you can enjoy water activities in Aab va Aatash or water and fire park which seems to be a thrilling experience for the children. Wear comfortable shoes since you are expected to take a quite long walk. Through the bridge, there are staircases and passageways that would lead to the upper and lower floors and you will be able to move to any other floor whenever you wish to do so.