Despite its communication nature, Milad tower is one of the new tourist attractions of Tehran. This 435-meter tall tower which is the highest tower in Iran and the sixth highest communication tower in the world, is making a lot of effort to become known as the new symbol of Tehran. Milad tower is almost visible at any point of Tehran and this very factor is considered as one of the reasons of its attractiveness. Urban planners and officials have created various recreational and entertainment facilities in the tower in order to turn it to one of the popular tourist attractions of Tehran.

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With its construction being formally started in 1997, Milad tower is first and foremost a construct with communicative purposes. Nevertheless, it also has managed to shine on in the area of tourism. The concert hall existing at the center of the international conferences and symposiums of this tower is one of the most modern concert halls throughout the capital. Moreover, the revolving restaurant, the stand of the artistic and handicraft-related products, Melal or nations' restaurants, paintball ground, seven-dimensional cinema hall, traditional restaurant, lazerium, and various kinds of fairs being held in there are some of the activities and facilities provided by this tower with the aim of promoting the touristic nature of the complex. Perhaps the most popular section of the tower is its dolphinarium where the dancing and trickeries of the dolphins entertain the people and is considered to be quite attractive and spectacular.

Milad tower is located on the northwest of Tehran and four highways cross paths in it. Each of the highways, hakim, Hemmat, Chamran, and Sheikh Faz'allah Noori can easily lead you there. The nearest subway station to this tower is that of Shahrak'eh Qarb. Buses, too, go there on the course of their commuting, yet given the fact that there is a long way from the bus station to the tower itself, it is not advisable to take this path.

10 am – 10 pm

35,000 Tomans

The elevators of Milad tower are super-fast and take you to the top of it in a matter of seconds. From up there, you will be able to witness a beautiful landscape of Tehran with its highways and urban arrangement. the fee in the restaurants of Milad tower are quite high and even serving an ice-cream with a layer of gold powder has been one of the most controversial things ever happened during the life of the tower. Since the tower was inaugurated in parallel with the 100th birthday of the founder of the present regime of Iran, Ayato'lah Khomeini, it is called Milad tower since Milad in Farsi means birth.