Azadi or liberty tower is the most popular and well-known tourist attraction in the capital. It is a symbol of Tehran and/or Iran and is found on most of the advertising posters and trackts related to Iran and for this reason you would be probably already familiar with it. Azadi tower is located in Azadi square and until a few years ago when the imam Khomeini international airport had not yet been inaugurated anad the international flights were concentrated at Mehr'aabaad airport, this tower with its solemn and beautiful visage was the very first landscape that the foreign tourist would meet upon their arrival to the city. Azadi tower, which used to be called Shah'yaad tower before the revolution, is located in the largest square of the country on the scale of its modern urban planning.

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Azadi tower was built by Master Hussein Amanat in 1970 with the aim of being introduced and presented as a symbol of Iran this tower is 45 meter high and is inspired by Sheikh Lotf'allah mosque in Isfahan and some other innovations and pioneering designs of the modern architecture. It might be interesting for you to know that under this solemn and beautiful tower, which is considered as a symbol of Iran and its capital, Tehran, there is a cultural and artistic complex. This cultural complex consists of a hall for holding theatrical performances and musical concerts in it, a gallery, museum, and library. Few people are actually informed of the existence of such a complex under the tower and indeed why shouldn't you be one of the very few people who have the opportunity and visiting such a museum.

Gaining access to Azadi tower and its museum is the easiest thing you can do in Tehran. Azadi tower is located in the outmost western part of Tehran at the end of the famous Azadi Street. The express buses of Tehran'pars-Azadi lane have stations by the square. The subway station of Ostad Mo'in and Azadi square, too, are the closest subway stations to Azadi square.

Sunday to Thursday: 9 am – 6 pm

Fridays: 10 am – 6 pm

6,000 Tomans

It might be interesting for you to know that both Azadi square and Azadi tower have been the firsthand witnesses of many important historical and political events in the country. Almost all paths of demonstrations in Iran, either organized by the state or carried out for political purposes, end in this square. Since one of the four main terminals of the city is close to Azadi square, many people who come to Tehran encounter Azadi square and its tower before any other attractions all over the city. For this reason, you may find many people taking selfies under the tower. Moreover, keep in mind that there are always wandering photographers who take snapshots from tourists and the tower in its background. Perhaps having your photo taken by such photographers would amount to a thrilling experience.