Tochal is the closest peak to Tehran which has always attracted many athletes, mountain-climbers, tourists, and even politicians. In addition to tourism and mountain-climbing provided by its recreational and sport center, Tochal is also one of the most famous ski resorts in both Iran and the entire Middle East with a history of having hosted a number of international snowboarding competitions. Its diversity of recreational, entertainment, and sport facilities can easily meet the needs of people from a variety of ages.Plus its ski-run, one of the longest stretches of cable car, sledges, zip line, and shooting with bow and arrow are all part of the exciting facilities of Tochal.

Ordinary people aside, after leaving various sport sites behind, the adrenaline discharged in the event of ascending to the heights and summits of this area has attracted many professional climbers to this area; those who choose harsh and hindered paths for realizing their ascendency to the peak and, on occasions, spend nights in the blistering cold stations of Tochals mountain. There are seven different paths before the climbers for ascending to the peak. The most common one used by the public begins from Velenjak, at a point called Bameh Tehran (literally, The Roof of Tehran), wherefrom they can enjoy the spectacle of the entire city below their feet.

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The cable card of Tochal was constructed with the cooperation of Iranian, French, and Austrian engineers between the years 1974 and 1978. In addition to three lines of chairlift and one tele-ski line, Tochal consists of three main cable-card lines with the approximate length of 7500 meters owing to which it is considered as one of the longest cable-card paths in the entire world. The cable-card consists of seven stations which are placed in an altitude ranging from 1900 to 3700 meters above the sea line. In the year 2003, Hotel Tochal was constructed in the location of the seventh station with an entirely wooden outlook, opening to a sublime view of hillsides and other peaks of Alborz Mountains.

The First station of the cable-card is located in an area commonly referred to as Bameh Tehran in Velenjak District. To get there, you have three options: 1. Take one of the minibuses of Daneshjou Blvd. whose departure is from Tajrish Sq. 2. Take one of the taxis of Tajrish Sq. found in 2nd St. 3. Take one of the Daneshjou Blvd. buses standing in wait in Parkway Intersection.

Any Time

Cable car: 50000 Toomans

Zip line: 7000 Toomans

In colder seasons of the year, Tochal is heavily snowy and it is important to think of the necessary means to get there in advance. Despite the fact that a quite considerable number of ordinary people go to Tochal, on condition of going there for the sake of professional mountain-climbing, you should expect a difficult climb flourished with risks. It is possible that snow and frost immobilize you. An expert mountain-climber should plan for all the necessary means for such a challenging climb in advance, especially during cold seasons. Yet, in the stations with lower altitude, there is not much risk involved in using the recreational, sport, and entertainment facilities of Tochal.