Shemshak Ski Resort is one of the most attractive recreational and sport centers of Tehran. One of the highlighted features of this resort is its spotlights with a yellow bright light which juxtaposes and forms twilight of solar and nightly lighting effects and, in so doing, makes the experience of skiing in there a dream already come true. One of the restaurants of this resort is placed on the pick of the mountain and thus provides the customers with an exemplar view. Shemshak is the second largest ski resort in Iran and, more importantly, is officially certified and recognized by the International Ski Federation (ISF). It is worth mentioning that most of the Iranian ski-champions, who have also managed to win internationally acclaimed ski competitions, are originally from this area.

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The German engineers who came to Iran for working in the area of mining were the first to have founded skiing in there. After that, in the year 1948, skiing was taken up seriously and, in the course of the next 10 years, in 1958, the resort was finally equipped with tele-ski and so this joyful sport was turned into a professional activity. Thanks to the successive further developments that followed through the next decades, IFS eventually came to recognize Shemshak Ski Resort as an international ski-run in 1996. This resort is located at an altitude ranging from 2550 to 3050 meters on Alborz Mountains.

Access to Shemshak Resort is only possible by means of private or rented car. To get to the ski-run, there are two separate roads to take: one is through Karaj, located on Chalous Road. From Tehran, you should go to Karaj, and, after having passed Gachsar Village, you should take the direction of Shemshak on Chalous Road. This is a 130-kilometer way. The second one, however, is from Tehran to Fasham and from there to Shemshak which, in total, covers 57 kilometers.

Any Time

For Ski-Goers: 60000 Toomans

For Tourists: 30000 Toomans

The latter is, however, the most convenient, yet, in winter, it can be dangerous and it is possible that on some turbulent days of the year, you find it blocked by the avalanche. For this reason, it is important to check the accessibility of the road either with the road patrol or the resort's management itself before departure. It is also necessary to make previous arrangements with the resort's management before setting off for Shemshak.