One of the tourist attractions of Alborz Province located nearby Tehran is Khor Ski Resort in a historically significant village by the same name very close to the city, Karaj. In addition to having a purely eye-catching view, this village is blessed with a tube-riding run that offers a beautiful waterfall with over 50 meters of height, thanks to all of these elements, quite a large number of tourists come to visit it on yearly basis.

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In early 1970's, Khor Ski Resort was founded, a period that dates back to the pre-revolutionary era. Its altitude is 2800 meters above the sea level at its highest point.

Access to Khor Ski Resort is possible by means of taxi, bus, or private car. In order to get to it, you should go from Tehran to Karaj and from there to Chalous, and after covering 15 kilometers, right before Karaj Dam (also called Amir Kabir Dam), turn to the direction of Khowzen'Kala Village. From there, after about another 15 kilometers, you will be right in front of the resort.

Any Time

Parking: 5000 Toomans 

Resort : 25000 Toomans

Tube-riding section is one of the most popular facilities of Khor Ski Resort, yet, you should bear in mind that using tube for such a ride is not in agreement with safety standards and may result in irremediable injuries. It is important to follow safety measures of winter sports and activities and safety procedures for commuting within the area at all time.