If you are interested in hiking through a mountainous food-court and becoming familiar with the way the Iranian youth enjoy themselves, visiting Darband would be the best opportunity to bring such an experience into realization. The stony wetted pavement of Darband's narrow valley, located in the outmost northern part of Tehran, the coolness of the drips scattered in the air, the rouge of sour and sweet fruit rolls and plums, the river's cry, and the expressively liberated joy and laughter of the nature-farers, young boys and girls, doubles the pleasure and tranquility of the nature for the visiting tourists. Hiking on the stony pavement of Darband, along with the roaring stream surrounded by various restaurants, vendors, and tea-houses, amounts to the unforgettable experience of one of the most refreshing tourist attractions of Tehran. Throughout the way, one can hardly resist the temptation of the sight and scent of the plums, fruit rolls, hot beans, corns, and oxalic fruits offered in every corner.

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The southern hillside of Alborz Mountains, which always witnesses roaring streams taking their course within itself, thanks to the springs and the water resulted from a wintry snow, have brought about many a villages here and there on its stretched outskirt. In the old days, Darband used to be among such villages and has always been considered as one of the most popular recreational spots of Tehran due to its mild and lovely weather. Today, however, with the development of the capital, this area, too, has joined it and become a separate district of Tehran. In its upper part lie Imam'Zadeh Ibrahim Shrine and the hiking path that leads tourists to the summits of Tehran. Professional mountain-climbing is also possible through Darband's hiking path. Those tourists who are interested in light mountain-climbing usually go as upward as the last restaurants found in there, whereas professional ones keep ascending in this path up to the higher summits.

You can easily get to Tajrish Sq. by taking either subway or bus. From there, you can get to Darband Sq. by taxi. This square is located in the departure point of the hiking path in question.

Any Time


Darband is very crowded on Thursdays, Fridays, and the other days off. Yet, this does not conflict with your recreational goals. There is only the possibility of being faced with some traffic when commuting there, or before and after the hike in which case you can take a walk instead of using car since it is rather a short way from Tajrish to Darband Squares. It is possible for the stony pavement to be slippery at some parts. As a result, you should be cautious while walking in there. There are also parts where one might need to climb over stones as high as one meter and, for this reason, if you're a senior, you are advised to take someone younger with yourself to be assisted in doing so. In cold seasons, Darband is snowy and the hiking path is usually cleaned, paved, and accessible, and even in the dead of winter, the main sections of the pavement and the restaurants found in the starting point of the hiking path are available and ready to serve customers. It is recommendable that you allocate at least half of your day to this visit.