Iran's hand-woven carpets stand highest in the entire world when it comes to quality, value, and beauty, and are used for decorating the most glamorous royal and sovereign palaces anywhere in the world. Any tourist would be interested in becoming familiar with the symbols and latent meanings found in Persian carpets and rugs' myriad of images, and, to make this happen, the richest collection of Persian carpets, that is, the National Museum of Carpet, located at the heart of Tehran, surely would be the most advisable choice. Having a facade which itself looks like a loom, this museum puts on display an entire series of regional designs and images from each and every corner of Iran. Each of the colors deployed in the making of these carpets has got certain signification and its unique images speak of the sentiments and beliefs of the Iranians adopted from nature, the rustic routine life, and the epic tales of the Book of Kings (the Epic classical masterpiece of Ferdowsi). The oldest carpet in this museum is 500 years old which belongs to Kashan and is referred to as esangeško. There, it is also on display a version of the oldest carpet in the world, known as Pazyryk Rug.

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Since the ancient times to this very day, carpet and the art of carpet weaving have always had a very high status in the Iranian lifestyle. Xenophon, the ancient Greek historian, in his famous biography on Cyrus the Great, states: "in order to sleep on a soft mattress, Iranians spread a carpet underneath it." The museum was constructed and inaugurated in 1987 following the order of Iran's former and last queen, Farah Pahlavi, with the aim of promoting studies and research on the history of carpet and the development of the art of carpet-weaving, especially that of the Persian carpet.

The Architectural Properties of The Museum

The architect of Tehran’s Carpet Museum was one of the greatest contemporary architects of Iran, namely, Abdol'aziz Farmaan'Farmaa'ian. The museum covers a 3400 square-meter area and is built in two floors. The first one is the regular exhibition area where about 150 slabs of the most exquisite Iranian carpets are always on display. The second floor, however, is utilized for holding temporary and occasional exhibitions. The library of the museum has got a few thousands of books in various languages to offer to those generally or particularly interested in the topic of art. Tehran’s Carpet Museum is a worthwhile treasury of books, magazines, and essays all related to the carpeting art of Iran and the East.

Tehran’s Carpet Museum is located in the northwestern corner of Laleh Park and by the side of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art. The easiest and most affordable option for getting there is to take a BRT bus or subway. Get off the subway or bus in Inqilab Square Station. From there, you can take one of the taxis commuting to Amir'Aabad St. and, just in 5 minutes or so, you can get off right in front of the museum. The other option is to take a 20-minute walk towards the northern end of Kargar St. through which you can enjoy window-shopping and visiting the curious shops of this area and get there right after going across the sideway of Laleh Park. Of course, it is not necessary to go to Inqilab Square first and then, from there, to the museum, because there are plenty of ways to get there anyhow.

9 am - 5 pm

15000 Tomans

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the museum and taking pictures is only allowed without the use of tripod or for business purposes.


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