Tabriz Sweets

The city of Tabriz is known and introduced as one of the main poles of the confectionary industry of Iran and its products are imported to other countries in addition to fully meeting the domestic demands.

Nougat Confection of Tabriz

One of the best souvenirs found in east Azerbaijan is the nougat of Tabriz that is quite popular and tasty. It is a square-shaped sweet that can attraction the attention of any viewer and stir his appetite up. It is presented in the markets in various types including walnut, vanilla, cacao, chocolate, nut and the like. The ingredients of this delight are Mikado bread, sugar, liquid glucose, honey, vanilla, albumen, hazelnut, and pistachio. It is also worth mentioning that this delight has a high endurance.

Eris or Fudge of Tabriz

Eris or fudge is one of the tastiest edible souvenirs and delight found in east Azerbaijan. This sweet is delicious, which is produced and presented in various types including cacao, milky, crunchy, rosary and the like. Each of its kinds can be either in simple or pistachio-based types. The ingredients used in the making of this delicious delight are milk, sugar, baking soda, salt, high fructose corn syrup, cacao powder, butter, pistachio, and solid oil. This sweet also has got a high endurance.

Qurabiya or Shortbread-Type Biscuit of Tabriz

Qurabiya is one of the most popular and well-known delights of both Tabriz and the whole country whose popularity has exceeded the borders of Tabriz and thus is consumed anywhere in Iran. This not-too-cheap of a sweet is also bought by the foreign tourists as souvenir. It is presented in the markets in various types such as almond, pistachio, and coconut. Almond, sugar, albumen or egg white, pistachio, dough, coconut, butter, and cardamom powder are the ingredients used in its making. This delight, too, has got a high endurance.

The other Delights of Tabriz

The ones previously mentioned aside, in east Azerbaijan and Tabriz, there are other popular delights and confections such as Baklawa or Tabrizi special pastry sweet, easy-swallow delight also known as Turkish delight, Tabrizi sweet thread or Reshteh Khotayi, tabrzi saffron and almond or Lowz, Sujuk or jelly sweet of Maragheh, the tea of Maragheh - also called cheesy sugar cube - and the like which are quite delicious and popular. Since these sweets have special kinds of ingredients used in their cooking, they might not be as convenient a souvenir as others. Thus, it is recommendable that you go through the expiration date and the way of preserving them with the confectionary or salesperson you fetch it by.

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