One of the monuments established at the time of Zand Dynasty (18 century AD) is the spacious, vast, and beautiful mosque known as Vakil Mosque. The architecture and the decorative art applied in it are indeed spectacular. There are 48 stony columns, all designed monolithically, with maze-like patterns engraved on them all of which placed in a manner that it would look as if they had stitched the earth right up to the sky. The existence of this grandeur of this mosque at the heart of the city has created a beautiful unity between the spiritual and the material worlds.

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The Vakil Complex consists of Vakil Bazar, Bathhouse, Mosque which are the glorious reminiscence of the era of Karim’Khan Zand (1750-1779 AD). Vakil Mosque is a quite vast monument placed at the center of Shiraz and is also known as Sultany Mosque (lit. The Royal Mosque). IT has two chambers and eivans or balconies in both northern and southern fronts of it. The art of engraving the spiral images and patterns on the 48 columns of its chambers is considered as one of the artistic masterpieces of the mosque. Such images are so scrupulously engraved that you cannot notice even one single minor difference among them. In overall, this mosque is qorth visiting for four major reasons: First: its glorious architecture Second: the calligraphies carved on the inscriptions in there Third: for its singled out tiling Fourth: the matchless engravings on its columns

Vakil Mosque is located in Lotf’Ali’Khan Zand St. at the center of Shiraz. From monuments such as Vail Bathhouse, Vakil Bazar, Shaah’Cheraq, Karim’Khan Erg and the like you can take a walk to the mosque. However, to get to the city center, buses and taxis are available.

8 am - 8 pm

15000 Tomans

The gate of mosque will be closed half an hour before the termination of visit time. Vakil Complex includes the Bazar, the Bathhouse, and the Mosque. You can visit Vakil Complex, along with Karim’Khan Erg and Pars Museum on one the day.