The beautiful curves of the brick-made arches, colorful dresses with their myriad of shapes and patterns worn by nomadic Qashqayi women, the handicrafts of Fars Province, and the mild coolness of the air within the roofed up Vakil Bazar, is an experience never to be forgotten. Thanks to its architectural style and ancientness, this bazar is one of the most famous bazars throughout the country. Long passageways, sky-high arches holding interwoven chambers within their embrace form the trade center of an array of colorful goods which make this scenery even more pleasant to the eyes of the beholder. Being constructed with quite simple materials such as plaster, lime, and brick and founded on massive stony blocks, Vakil Bazar is a place where all sorts of goods from hand-woven nomadic carpets, spices, various handicrafts such as works made with copper and inlaid dishes to a rich variety of colorful cloths are sold. Being listed in the index of National Heritages of Iran, this Bazar is among those the tourist attractions of Shiraz without visiting which no tourist would leave the town.

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The Vakil Complex includes the Bazar, the Bathhouse, and the Mosque of Vakil and is a glorious remnant of the era of Karim'Khan, the prominent and mighty king of Zand Dynasty (1750-1779 AD). One of the most glorious traditional shopping centers of Shiraz is Vakil Bazar. It is said that Karim'Khan borrowed the idea of constructing such a bazar from the old bazar of Lar City. The latter is a remnant of the Safavid Dynasty and the reign of Shah Abbas, the great Safavid king (1571-1629 AD).

Vakil Bazar has always been an important center for the trade of all sorts of goods since the ancient times, it has two major passageways one from north to south and another from east to west which meet each other in a cross-shaped intersection where there is a cross-shaped market, called souk, with a line of shops placed in two separate stores. The northern-southern side of the Bazar, also known as Draper's Bazar, starts from Isfahan Gate and extends up to the southern alley, Sarayeh Moshir. This passageway, in total, has got 41 pairs (that is, 82 units) of stores that in front of each there is a platform made of large stony engraved blocks. In order to prevent humidity finding its way into the stores, their doors are located about one meter above the ground. These stores are often made in two stages along with an indoor closet. The eastern-western side consists of two sections: the eastern side of the souk which has got 19 pairs of stores and, today, is a carpet trade and perfumery center, and the western part which consists of 10 pairs of stores and the center of Persian Carpets.

Architecturally speaking, Vakil Bazar has three distinct ambiances: one is the passageway for the customers, the other the indoor space of the stores with a couple of stairs above the ground, and, finally, the third one located in the front side of the stores used for presenting goods. The air condition system has been fully functional thanks to the high ceiling and the groin-shaped arches. However, it is worth mentioning that ordinary air traps were used for ventilation. In addition, certain portholes, called Jaam Khaneh, were placed under the ceiling in order to lead enough light and fresh air into the interior space of the Bazar. Nevertheless, today and due to the renovations introduced to that place, there is no sign of such portholes and instead there are latticed or fret-worked casements placed on top of the stores with the aim of illuminating, ventilating, and conditioning the air.

Vakil Bazar is located at the center of Shiraz and you can go there by walk from Zand St., Shah'Cheraq, Karim'Khan Erg or castle, and some other monuments located in the city center. You can get a taxi to get there fairly from anywhere in the city.

8 am - 9 pm


Bear in mind that the Bazar is usually very crowded, yet in the middle of the day, at about the lunchtime, it is to some extent less populated, even though certain stores might be half-opened at that time.


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