Qazvin Bazar, with its unique and hardly equated and spectacular architecture, is one of the best touristic centers of the city. You can kill two birds with one stone while visiting the historical bazar of Qazvin: you can both visit historical monuments and edifices such as Al'nabi mosque, Sa'd al'saltaneh caravanserai, Vezir or chancellor caravanserai, and other elements such as serais, little markets, and also making a purchase from among the richly varied and reasonable goods found in this bazar. The goods presented in Qazvin market include cloth, fruits and vegetable, handicrafts, spices, carpet, clothing, trinkets and jewelries.  despite new malls established throughout the city, such factors as diversity, reasonability, and the full collection of goods in this bazar has managed to attract ordinary shoppers to itself.

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Historical evidence date the age of Qazvin bazar back to over a thousand years. After this city became the capital, that is, in early Saffavid dynasty (1548-1591), at the time of the reign of shah Tahmasb the first, many facilities and buildings including were built in this city. From the grand bazar established by shah Tahmasb the first in Qazvin, today, nothing is left. Even though the overall architecture and structure of Qazvin bazar is a reminder of the Saffavid dynasty, the majority of the elements of the bazar existing today belong to the Qajarid dynasty.

You can find the following glorious edifices and monuments in Qazvin bazar:

Al'nabi mosque: it is famously known as the kingly or Sultanid mosque and is considered as the most highlighted and singled out mosque in Qazvin due to its architectural features and constructive strength.

Sa'd al'saltaneh caravanserai: Sa'd al'saltaneh Serai of Qazvin is the largest roofed up inter-urban caravanserai nationwide.

Bazar and Vezir or chancellor Serai: the entrance porch of Vezir or chancellor Serai has got tile-worked arches and a brick-made dome with a light-catcher instilled in it at the center of the entrance section.

The territory of Qazvin bazar is in the following order: from north, it joins Imam Khomeini - the former Pahlavi, and before that Rasht - street and from east it leads to shah Serai, while from south to Koorosh or Cyrus street and from east to Mowlavi street.

8 am – 9 pm


The various sweets and delights found in Qazvin are considered as its most popular type of souvenir. You can fetch them from Qazvin bazar. On holidays, however, visiting bazar can amount to a spectacular experience given its architectural and historical features. Around bazar, there are some parking lots for parking private cars.


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