How to Travel to Iran

Have you made up your mind and chosen Iran as your trip destination? That would be awesome and you can be sure that the most thrilling experiences ever are waiting for you. now that you are supposed to travel to Iran, keep in mind that, in overall, this country is considered as one of the cheapest trip destinations, so is its transportation costs. Moreover, you are advised to keep in mind that the rate of the expenses of your transportation services in Iran is directly related to the level of the company that provides such transport services, your trip departure point, and also the time and duration of your trip. It is obvious that the more the distance, the higher the costs of booking a ticket.

Travelling to Iran on Plane

The most common way for the tourists to travel to Iran is by booking a flight. Reducing the time spent on the way, plus the comfort and facilities more available to air travelers and those who uses the services of air travelling agencies are some of the reasons as to why tourists are inclined more to travel to Iran in this way as the most popular choice of its kind. The majority of people who purchase the tour packages of travelling to Iran, thus choose airway. The package, however, depends on the duration of their visit to the country and the trip plan that the tour manager provides them with. It is possible that in Iran, they travel from a city to city or by the use of other types of means of transport that they may use in their visit to Iran.

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For those people who do not want to use the tour packages in Iran and prefer to take a trip to this country individually, it is necessary to let them know that there is almost airports available in every city of Iran. Some of these airports are international and it is possible to go and visit them directly without having to arrive at the capital of Iran, Tehran, first. Regarding the fact that international flights of these airport are limited in terms of both the number of flights made on daily basis, the departure point, and flight hours, we do not recommend that you take this option anyways.

Our suggestion to you is to use Tehran's international airport, Imam Khomeini Airport. Go to Tehran directly and plan the rest of your trip from there. The advantage of choosing Imam Khomeini international airport is having a wider range of options for using various airlines and also more flexibility in the choice of the hour and date of flights.

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The costs of travelling to Iran on plane

For those individuals who buy a tour package to travel to Iran, the costs of booking a flight is included in their tour package bill. Those individuals who are supposed to travel to Iran on their own, on the other hand, must know that each airline demands a different fee for taking passengers to Iran. Moreover, you need to take into consideration the fact that your departure point, that is the city from which you start your trip to Iran, can be effective in the final fee of the flight you book. The farther you are geographically, the more expensive your ticket. in addition, if the luggage you carry with yourself during the trip exceeds the standard limits of the weight of the luggage as determined by the airline you travel with, you will be charged some extra fee for the extra luggage weight, which is quite common in all airlines all over the world and not exclusive to Iran. At times when there is more inclination to travel on a global and collective scale, such as Christmas holidays and also New Year holidays in Iran, of course, you will be charged more than the other times.

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It is important to know that it is advisable for you to but a two-way ticket while travelling to Iran in case that you would want to economize your trip. It means that it would better determine your return date before buying a ticket to Iran in form of a two-way trip in order to save some considerable sum of money while booking a flight. there are plenty of websites that sell flights on line and it would only suffice to register your ideal flight date onto the website and then it will introduce to you various flights at various prices and you will be able to choose the one that agrees with your conditions most. In order to have a better perspective of flight booking fees to Iran, you'd better have a look at the following table:

FromToCost (two-way ticket)
TehranFrom 314 to 450 dollars
MilanTehranFrom 277 to 300 dollars
MoscowTehranFrom 295 to 350 dollars
LondonTehranFrom 250 to 400 dollars

Road Trip to Iran

Travelling to Iran through roadways and car is more in agreement with the style of those tourists who live in or presently are staying in one of the neighboring countries. The backpacker neighbors and cyclist tourists, too, take this path to travel to Iran. The citizens of the countries who have a visa requirement deregulation pact with Iran, can come to the country through its border outposts with just presenting documents that certify their identity. In order to gain more information the rules and regulations of travelling to Iran without visa, you can refer to the page of tourist visa in Iran. Unlike most countries of the world, the fees of bus and taxi tickets in Iran not only are not expensive, but also are considered as some of the cheapest and most reasonable of their own kind all over the world. For instance, if you enter Iran through Mehraan borders, you will be able to purchase an economic bus ticket with only 64 thousand tomans to get to Tehran. And by paying 107 thousand tomans, you will be able to get from the same border area to Tehran on a VIP bus.

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The majority of the Iraqi tourists enter Iran through land and road borders and with the aim of pilgrimage.

Travelling to Iran on Ship

There aren't really that many options for travelling to Iran through sea travel. You will only be able to take some paths and choose some countries as your departure point to get to Iran. Between Iran, in Booshehr harbor, and Kuwait, there are ships commuting. Moreover, from Jordan, too, you can get yourself to the free trade zone, Qeshm Island, in Iran. With regard to the distance between these locations, the travel fees are considered quite high. For instance, the ticket of ship from Jordan to Iran, in correspondence with the facilities provided in the ship, can fall into the three-tier cost rates of 400, 600, and 800 thousand tomans.

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Sea transportation is not possible in Iran for one simple reason that there are not any rivers in that country suitable for shipping.

Travelling to Iran by Train

Let us tell you at the very outset that there aren't that many options for you to travel to Iran through railways. You can come to Iran from the departure point of some of the neighboring countries and via international railways. However, such kind of travelling is usually used by those individuals who are faced with certain limitations or restrictions for travelling through air. Thus, if you have no choice but to use train and railway, then you can get to the areas that have railway commuting access to Iran and then enter the country through them. This way of travelling, however, is quite time-consuming but it might be a convenient choice on the basis of your taste, preferences, and conditions.

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From such cities as Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, all in turkey, you can enter Iran by train. from Iran to Syria, until the very recent years, which, given the civil war and other crises that broke out in this country, the railway commuting between the two countries have come to a halt. In addition, from Nakhjavan, too, you can come to Iran by train. Its railway directly takes you to Mashhad in Iran. Between Iran and Baku, too, there are trains commuting. The reasonable prices for travelling to Iran through railways - for instance, one can travel to Tehran from Ankara by only 200 thousand tomans and via railways - and also the benefit of enjoying beautiful landscapes is one of the reasons that some people prefer to take this path for their travel to Iran.

Moreover, there is a railway in operation between Ahwaz, Iran, and Kuwait. Keep in mind that the departure time of these trains is merely limited to a certain number throughout the month and this fact emphasizes the importance a planning long before the trip itself. The north-south railway of Iran, with the historical bridge of Veresk on its path, is globally known and has played a key role in an indirect manner during the world war two. in addition, it might be interesting for you to know the train stations of Savad'kouh, Gadook, Do'gol, Veresk, and Sorkh'aabaad, Tir'taash and Mir'javeh are all registered as Iran's national heritage works.

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