Bandareh Anzali, literally, Anzali harbor, is a beautiful city known as the bride of Gilan province. This city owes its fame largely to its dreamy wetland. Anzali wetland is considered as one of the most important natural reserves for marine life throughout the world and migratory birds that are in the process of their winter migration seek shelter in there. The landscapes of Anzali wetland with its unique reed beds and water lilies is so much beautiful and matchless that every year many tourists are drawn into it. After the famous convention of Ramsar, this wetland was registered as one of the international wetlands.

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Anzali lagoon is considered as a separate part of Caspian Sea. In the course of several centuries, the water of Caspian sea was drawn into its present location and the lands found around there, which means precisely the same place in which Anzali, Qaaziyan, and Aab'kenaar cities were developed, remained dry and due to the fact that Anzali lagoon's area was lower in altitude in comparison with the lands around it, it managed to preserve the water left in it. The water became fresh through the course of time and owing to certain chemical reactions in there and thus now is considered as one of the most important living areas of the wild life on an international scale. The water found in Anzali lagoon goes back to the Caspian Sea through a canal.

Water Lilies

One of the unique distinguishing features of Anzali lagoon is the beautiful flowers that grow in it. These flowers are known as water lilies. They are in purple and what actually is amazing about that is they move and drift on upon the surface of the water. The roots of this flower are in a suspended position under the water and its heart-shaped leaves are wide and large. In the middle of these unicentral green leaves, there is a little beautiful purple flower boasting its beauty. Moreover, to behold the lagoon in winter is quite spectacular. Thousands of birds from various specimen and kinds, in varying colors and sizes, create a thrilling and beautiful view in the shores of the lagoon and its side islands.

The cities in Gilan are close to one another and have a little distance in between. For this reason, there are taxis commuting between them. From whichever city you are presently in, you can take a taxi for Anzali lagoon. For visiting Anzali lagoon, it would suffice to go to the wave-breaking territory and beach. From there, you will meet boat-riders who will be awaiting tourists and visitors to give them a round of boat-ride in there and show them the spectacles of the lagoon.

In addition, you can refer to one of the boat-riding corporation companies of Anzali and ask them to rent you a boat. Some of them actually can also offer a tour leader fluent in English. In order to rent a boat along with a tour leader, you can refer to one of these companies called Raaz'eh Tabi'ateh Taalaab or, literally, the secret of the lagoon's nature found in the address of Qaaziyaan, Samaan'sar, at the end of Parvin alley or contact them through the number of 09119818559.

Visiting Anzali lagoon happens in the course of the day at daytime. At night, due to the presence of potential risks and dangers, there is no visiting possibility. The best hour to visit the lagoon, however, seems to be during the sunrise and sunset. At such hours, due to the angle of the sunlight shining down, the landscape looks dreamier. It is worth mentioning that you will find the lagoon beautiful ay any other hour of the day as well. During the New Year or Nowrooz holiday, which take about 20 days and occurs in March, you will find the lagoon quite crowded. Moreover, in summer, Anzali lagoon is frequently visited and in this season, it is visited more than the others as a frequented trip destination in Iran and thus you will find many visitors in the lagoon. However, you can visit it on any day throughout the year.

In order to visit the lagoon and its matchless singled out green and wildlife, you need to rent a boat. The fee of renting one varies based on the boat's speed and also the distance the passengers wish to cover around the lagoon. The price in question, however, begins at 65000 Tomans. The boars that go to the territory of the Sacred Lotus have a higher fee and to use them one must pay 150000 Tomans.

There are certain safety standards to follow when going boat-riding in Anzali lagoon since it is not entirely free of risks. Thus, make sure to wear life vest before hopping on the boat and fasten its stings tight. Since the boats ride relatively fast and the weather is cool in that area, it might feel cold. So, in case you are sensitive to the cold weather, better wear a light jacket to cover the upper part of your body against the cold wind. Please refrain from physical jokes while on the boat. Maintain the silence in order not to make the living creatures of the area escape.

Motorboats tend to have a fast-paced, swift, and accelerating movement. Thus, if you suffer from pains and problems in your bone structure or that of your hips and back, it might be actually a good idea not to go for such kinds of boats. However, do not touch the flowers and plants found in there and don't poach water lilies since it is illegal and there will be some penal fee for doing that. Do not feed the fish and birds in there since your act of kindness can disorganize the ecosystem. Have a pair of sunglasses, suncream, and an edged hat with you. Moreover, taking photos is allowed in the lagoon area.