Iran Travel Costs

The costs of travelling to Iran is closely tied to your life style and the sort of travel you would like to experience. If you wish, you can just pick up your backpack and travel to this country to visit its various life styles and cultures or, if you wish to spend your honeymoon in one of the fanciest hotels in the touristic areas of Iran. In a perfect correspondence with the purposes you have in mind for this trip, along with your personal attitude and traits, you will have to budget accordingly while visiting Iran. Keep in mind that if you purchase a tour service for your trip to Iran, you will not have to go through the concerns relevant to budgeting your trip, since you will make the purchase and cover the expenses of the trip in form of packages provided by the tour company. Nevertheless, if you are planning to visit Iran without a tour and individually, it is better to keep the track of this advice letter till the end. In overall, the costs of travelling to Iran are the following:

Residential Costs

Residing in Iran’s hotels usually ends up being more costly. You will never be able to book a room in a four-star hotel with a fee lower than 100 dollars per night per person. If you are looking for a safe and reasonable resort, we recommend booking Eco touristic resorts. These resorts or houses have the necessary official certificates and provide you with convenient facilities and services at a lower price than that of the hotels though. On average, you need to consider from 10 to 30 dollars for each night of residence per person in such places in Iran. This fee often includes breakfast and internet service as well.

Iran travel costs

Of course, there are people who would like to try couch surfing in Iran. if you are familiar with a family here who is filling to host you during your presence in the country, you can make the necessary arrangements with them before coming to Iran; you certainly should do this if you can, however, because it will help you get to know the exemplar phenomenon of the Iranian hospitality culture and thus carry with yourself back home some of the most beautiful and sweetest memories in this regard. However, take into consideration that no official unit or organization bears the responsibility of such sort of a trip to Iran and it is upon you yourself to find a hosting family.

Transportation Costs

In Iran, transportation is generally divided to two categories: extra-urban and intra-urban transportation. The best option for extra-urban transportation from one city to another is to use a bus. In Iran, there are two types of buses, the ordinary economic ones and the VIP ones. If you are planning a long trip by bus, we definitely recommend to you the VIP buses. They are more facilitated and their seats can be turned horizontally into bed. However, for shorter trips, ordinary buses, given their lower booking price, seem to be more reasonable and suitable. Here, we have gathered the information about some of the popular touristic ways of transport for you so that you have a better insight into the whole issue of transportation in Iran:

Tehran-Isfahan VIP bus: 8 dollars (350000 Rials)

Tehran-Shiraz VIP bus: 18 dollars (650000 Rials)

Tehran-Banadr'abbass VIP bus: 20 dollars (750000 Rials)

Even though the ordinary economic buses might not and actually often aren't that comfortable, still they are about 6 to 7 dollars cheaper than the VIP ones.

Many of the tourists who travel to Iran prefer to book a flight in order to go from one city to another. Domestic flights are more expensive than such means of transports as buses; for instance, you will have to pay a fee from 60 to 80 dollars for a Tehran-Shiraz flight and from 50 to 60 dollars for a Tehran-Isfahan flight. You’d better take into consideration that, in Iran, the fee of booking flights varies in accordance with the time of the flight, the airline that provides flight services, and also the season in which the flight takes place. Using the railway is another option for moving from one city to another in Iran. They are quite comfortable for such trips and their most important advantage is having restrooms and beds in the compartments. Their fee is, however, approximately equal to that of the VIP buses. The fee of intra-urban transportation in Iran is relatively reasonable. All cities have taxi services and their fee per passenger is on the average 0.5 dollar. Some cities like Tehran also have a subway system and you can get their ticket at subway or bus stations. Express buses are also active in most of the megacities.

Food Costs

On the average, you need to leave from 4 to 6 dollars for each meal. Nevertheless, you can possibly fetch much cheaper foods. For instance, with only half a dollar, you can buy samosa or falafel. Bear in mind that the traditional restaurants of Iran, called coffeehouses or Sofreh'khaneh - lit. The meal house - would cost more and for getting a full service in them, you will need to allocate from 30 to 40 dollars per person. However, fast-food costs somewhere between 5 to 9 dollars throughout the country.

The Costs of Getting Tickets to Visit Tourist Attractions

On the average, for visiting each tourist attraction in Iran you will be charged somewhere between 1 to 5 dollars. Of course, there are more expensive attractions whose number is limited. For instance, to visit Ali'sadr cave, you need to pay 18 dollars. Keep in mind that there are some attractions in Iran that you can visit free of charge. For instance, Khajou Bridge and Si-o-seh-pol in Isfahan are as such, or Amir'chakhmaaq square in Yazd, not to mention all traditional bazars throughout the country in each and every city,

Iran travel costs

The Costs of Purchasing Souvenirs and Remembrances

There is a famous Iranian proverb that says "you will have as much pottage as you have money in your pocket." on that note, you will be able to fetch a more grand, worthwhile, high-quality and original souvenir if you pay more money for it. At the minimum, you can purchase such kind of items with 10 dollars. For purchasing finer and expensive items like jewelry made with gold or silver and also carpets and silk rugs, you need to cost way more, needless to say.

Unanticipated Costs

Considering a budget for the unexpected costs is something that any traveller needs to do in his or her entire financial planning for the trip. Such costs include the possible fees for medical services, leisure activities such as going to theater or concert, gift costs for unanticipated occasions such as meeting a friend in Iran and such and so forth. So, you need to consider a budget with the average of 100 to 200 dollars for such cases. Of course, if you will not have to spend this budget, it will be saved after the trip.

Have Enough Money with You

Iran is, unfortunately due to monetary sanctions, not directly connected to the global money circulation procedures. So, you will not be able to use your credit card system to pay for your purchases. Of course, there are certain ways to create a connection between your credit account and the particular purchases you make in Iran, but due to their complications we do not recommend them to you. However, it seems that the only optimal way to handle the costs of your trip is to carry enough money with you. Also, it is recommendable that you change your money with Iran’s currency at the international airport due to the fact that not all cities and hotels have their own exchange offices.(but right now the central bank of Iran has announced a ban on the sale of foreign currencies at exchange bureaus.)

Iran travel costs

Keep in mind that at the international airports of Iran, the possibility of having a credit card is provided for the foreign guests. Three banks, which are Mellat bank, national or Melli bank, and tourism bank are responsible and authorized for issuing credit cards specifically for tourists. These cards are connected with the nationwide banking network of the country and you can use them to receive cash from all the ATM's throughout the country. In fact, these credit or, to be more precise, debit cards, are good replacements for your cash money. These cards are also rechargeable.

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