About Zanjan

Zanjan was one of the old cities located by the ancient Silk Road. For this reason, and thanks to having historically rich monuments and a singled out natural habitat and unique climate, it is duly considered as one of the most attractive destinations for those who travel to Iran.

Zanjan Tourist Attractions

This area of Iran has in fact a remarkable background in history and civilization and Sultaniyeh Dome, which is registered in UNESCO's World Heritage Status, is considered as the glorious apex of the historical attractions of the city.

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The Salt Men, that is, those six 1700 year-old mummified corpses whose being discovered astonished the entire global community of archeology, also, belong with Zanjan and a certain number of them are preserved in Zol'faqari Museum located in this city on display for all those who travel to Zanjan and are interested in history and civilization.

Moreover, Zanjan's Bazar, being the longest bazar in the entire country, can be said to represent an exemplar of Iranian bazars. Furthermore, the Museum of Anthropology located in Washhouse Mansion, in which waxed out and real-life statues are put on display, plays a key role in portraying the local culture of the people of this particular area of Iran, not to mention the Jinn's Chimney (Hoodoo) and Behestan Castle that appear quite astonishing and spectacular in the eyes of the foreign travelers and the Rainbow Mountains found in there which is certainly a unique natural element of Zanjan. As a cherry on top, it must be said that Kataleh Khor Cave (lit. Mount of the Sun) is of great significance for the nature-wanderers who travel to Zanjan.

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Religious Rituals in Zanjan

What separates Zanjan from the other areas of Iran in a quite distinct manner is the unique way of celebrating a religious ritual called Ashoura and Muharram (which is the first ten days in the Islamic calendar and historically and religiously quite significant for Shiite Muslims) Decade in this area. It amounts to no exaggeration to say that the most passionate and fervent religious ritual of Muharram nationwide is held in the Grand Husseiniyeh – a ritual passion-play hall whose name suggests its purpose, that is being the dedicated to the dramatized ritualization of Imam Hussein's, a major Shiite figure, martyrdom, which is also found in this city, not to mention that the largest procession of the ritual mourners of Ashoura's religious elegiac ceremony in commemoration of the martyrdom in question, is also set off in the same city. However, those passionate travelers and visitors who cannot be in this city at the time of the previously mentioned religious ceremonies being held, the Museum of Grand Husseiniyeh can, no doubt, at least partially reenact this ritual for them.

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Zanjan People

The locals of Zanjan, quite similar to any other Iranian, are very hospitable and have come to be known as solemn trustees and believers. Moreover, in a survey published by one of the Iranian News Agencies, ISNA, Zanjanians have managed to sit on top of the Table of Happiness among all Iranians. A faithful adherence to the traditional and cultural structures – despite the emergence of modernity in the area – is another major characteristic of these people.


Zanjan Weather

Zanjan is located in a mountainous territory of Iran and thus has short mild summers along with harsh long winters thanks to which, it has turned into one of the best winter tourism destinations, especially for those interested in skiing. Even though agriculture has a fair share of the economic activities of the city, it is industrial activities that have got the biggest share of economic production in there.

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