Should do in Tehran

Tehran is vast and beautiful and consists of various attractions. Most tourists who travel to Iran enter this city first and commence their trip from there. It is more or less adequate to spend three days to visit the attractions found in there.

Things to do on Your First Day of Visiting Tehran

Allocate your first day of visit to see the Royal Complex of Golestan Palace and the historical complex of Bazaar. The Royal Complex of Golestan Palace itself consists of a number of monuments and museums, thus visiting it properly takes some hours. Tehran's Bazaar is located next to it as well and is so attractive and so much capable of representing the Eastern way of life that, despite its over-crowdedness, it is never crossed out of tourists' lists of places to visit in Tehran.

Shah Mosque, Zeyd Mosque, Dar'al Fonoun School, Nasser Khosrow St., and a historical old vicinity called Owd'lajan are all located in there and easily accessible with a short walk; you can simply visit each of them and experience an atmosphere that would make you feel having travelled a couple of centuries back in time. To have a delicious Iranian lunch in one of the traditional restaurants of Bazaar Complex, all being as ancient as the Bazaar itself, is certainly what we recommend that you should try. At night, you can go to one of the recreational spots of Darband, Darakeh, or Farah'Zaad, and enjoy hiking or taking a walk through the peace and quietude of the mountains and spend some time at Iranian restaurants found there and enjoy the spectacular view of the whole city from the mountainous heights.


Things to do on Your Second Day of Visiting Tehran

Your second day of visit, however, should be dedicated to visiting Iran's Archeological, Carpet, National Jewelry, and Aabgineh (lit. Glasswork) Museums. We suggest that you should get a rest in the park located in front of Iran's Archeological Museum and try the local foods sold at food stands in that area. The following evening and night can be allotted to visit the great Taleqani Jungle-Park and Aab va Aatash (lit. Fire and Water) Park.

Things to do on Your Third Day of Visiting Tehran

Visiting the Royal Complex of Sa'd Abad, located in the northernmost part of the city, on a mid-day, and also having a delicious lunch in one of the traditional stew-serving restaurants and, then, visiting Shah Abdol Azim Shrine located in the southernmost of the city at the end of the day or early at night would be our recommendation for how to spend your third day of visit. The Royal Complex of Sa'd Abad consists of a number of museums located relatively far from one another and blessed with a spectacular mountainous landscape of the entire city along with a refreshing weather. So, you are advised to allocate more time to visiting them.

The Spectacular Night Spots of Tehran

Among the historical places for a highly enjoyable nightly visit in Tehran, one can refer to Baq'eh Ferdows (lit., the Paradise Garden). This historical edifice, especially given all the cafes and restaurants all about it, is an ideal place for a nightly visit. The historical old Si-yeh Tir street that consists of most of the old buildings and edifices such as museums has been turned into a hub of food stands since some years back and thus you can go on a gourmet tour in there. Park-eh Honardmandan - lit., the Artists' Park - is another spectacular places in Tehran which has become quite full of lively vibe thanks to the renovation and reconstruction of its central building and the youth and street musicians hang around in there at nights.

Chitgar Lake is another destination whose visit would amount to a pleasurable experience. The reflection of lights from the buildings surrounding the lake on it create a matchless view. Milad Tower, which is considered to be the symbol of the capital, is also a good place for a nightly visit. You can go to the top of the tower and enjoy the view of the nightly lightings all over the city plus its maze-like highways and streets. Pol-eh Tabi'at - lit., the Bridge of Nature - situated in Aab va Aatash (or Fire and Water Park), too, with its unique architectural modern design is the night hub of many people in Tehran.

Buy Souvenirs and Try Persian Food

Most of the hotels in the city have handicraft stores and souvenir shops. Yet, you can go to the shops located in Villa (Nejat'Allahi) St., to buy all sorts of Iranian handicrafts with high quality and distinguishable originality. When travelling to Tehran, make sure to try different Iranian kebabs, Dizi (lit. stew), Qormeh'Sabzi (lit. rice and vegetable stew), and traditional ice-cream.

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