Public Transportation in Tehran

How to Travel to Tehran?

Travelling to Tehran might be the easiest thing for any traveler to do. Tehran is the capital of Iran and almost from any point of the country, you can get to it either by bus, taxi, train, or plane. Most of the foreign tourists enter the country via Imam Khomeini international airport which belongs to Tehran and then set off on their journey to Iran's touristic regions from there. Thus, it is important to become more familiar all sorts of choices and options that you have for planning your trip to the touristic regions of Iran with Tehran as your point of departure.

Airway Travel in Tehran

Tehran has got two airports. One is Imam Khomeini, which is especially used for foreign or international flights, and the other Mehr'aabaad airport which is used for domestic flights. For travelling to the spectacular cities and Iran's touristic regions, in case that you start off your trip from Tehran, you will have to go to Mehr'aabaad airport. From this airport, there are flights to almost every city of the country. In order to check the flight dates and times, you can refer to the official website of the airport.

Mehr'aabaad airport address: Me'raj Street, Karaj Special Road, Azadi Square, Tehran

Imam Khomeini airport address: Tehran-Qom highway, Tehran

Cities which have flights to Mehr'aabaad airport: Ahvaz, Ardebil, Kish, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Urmia, Qeshm, Bandar'abbas, Bojnourd, Sanandaj, Abadan, Arak, Birjand, Isfahan, Boushehr, Dezful, Direstan, Kermanshah, Khorram'aabaad, Larestan, Nowshahr, ramsar, Sari, Rasht, Zahedan, Yazd, Bam, Khoy, Lamerd, Rafsanjan, Sabzevar, Sahand, Yasuj, Aghajari, Khark, Mahshahr, Gorgan, Shahrekord, Jiroft, Kerman, Tabas, Zabol, Kalaleh, Chabahar, Konarak, Sirri Island

In addition, keep in mind that at both airports of Tehran are connected with the urban subway system. In order to take subway to get to the airport or return from there, please notice Tehran's subway system plan. In order to go to Mehr'aabaad airport, you need to take subway lane 4, the yellow-colored lane. This lane has got stations at 1, 2, and also 4 and 6 terminals. In order to go to Imam Khomeini airport, you need to take lane 1, the red-colored lane, and leave subway at the airport station.

Airlines of Iran

15 airline companies in Iran are in operation for transferring passengers via airway flights. Keep in mind that the fee of booking each flight in these airlines is somewhat different on the basis of the services they provide. It might be interesting for you to know that Mahan airline has been chosen as the best Iranian airline providing airline services by the customers and passengers.

Iran Air Airline

Iran Air Tour Airline

Aseman Airline

Aata Airline

Taban Airline

Kish Air Airline

Qeshm Air Airline

Me'raaj Airline

Mahan Airline

Zagros Airline

Caspian Airline

Naft Airline

Sepehran Airline

Atrak Airline

Flight Expenses in Iran

At Mehr'aabaad airport, the flights vary in price on the basis of the total number of demands for ticket, and also calendar occasions, the airline providing services, and also the distance to be covered. In order to economize your booking, you'd better refer to the websites that provide charter flights. The problem with such websites, however, is that you need to know Farsi language. Thus, in order to get help from a Farsi-speaking advisor or someone trusted, you need to refer to someone to do the booking for you.

In overall, keep in mind that in the second half of the year, on days not close to the official holidays, and also on weekdays and hours leading to the end of the night, the price of the flight tickets are cheaper in Iran. You can refer to Ali'baba website for purchasing tickets and booking flights online. In order to have a better perspective to the price of flight tickets in Iran, you need to consider that the price of a ticket for a flight from Tehran to Shiraz can range from 77 to 250 thousand Tomans.

Road Trip in Tehran

Many individuals prefer to travel to Tehran and/or from Tehran to other regions of Iran by the use of bus and on the road. One of the reasons of this choice is the natural landscapes of Iran and the other reason the relocation fees of road trip being very reasonable in Iran. In Tehran, there are four terminals that can be used to go to the touristic regions of the country. In return from those areas of Iran and when travelling to Tehran, your trip will end in either of these terminals.

South terminal, east terminal, west terminal, and Argentina square terminal are the commuting terminals of Tehran. In Tehran's terminals, you will be faced with two distinct types of road trip options, that is, bus and taxi. Buses are divided to two types, economic and VIP. If the price is not your concern, take the VIP bus for sure. Their seats can be converted into bed and are thus more comfortable. Taxis are more expensive and in case that your are travelling in pair or more than two people, it might be a better choice for you. This is because you will be able to ask the driver to have a short stop on the way. Extra-urban taxis that do these road trips are in operation under the supervision of taxi-riding organization and are at work in the campus of the terminals.

The addresses of the extra-urban terminals of Tehran

South Terminal: As suggested by its name, it is located in the southern part of Tehran, in the streets, Khazaneh, Shoosh, and Shahid Bokharayi. You can travel to most cities of the country, especially those located in the southern half of it, from this terminal. You can use subway lanes to get to this terminal. The south terminal of Tehran is accessible through the red-colored subway lane. From the subway station to the terminal campus, there is an underground passageway. You need to walk for about five minutes until you get out of the passageway in terminal's campus.

East Terminal: it is located in the eastern part of Tehran and is suggested for those who want to travel to the northern cities. It is located in Damavand Street, before Tehran'pars intersection. You cannot go to this terminal with subway. Yet, there is a BRT bus line that starts from Azadi terminal in the west of Tehran and end in Tehran'pars in the east of Tehran and can be used to get there.

West or Azadi Terminal: it is, as again suggested by its name, located in the west of Tehran and adjacent to the famous Azadi square and thus is the best choice for travelling to cities located in the west and northwest parts of the country. It is located between Mohammad'ali jenah highway and Karaj highway or express road. One side of it, which is related to inter-urban transportation, is adjacent to Azadi square. You will be able to get there both via subway and express bus lane. In order to get there by subway, you need to use the lane no. 4 - the yellow-colored one - and leave the subway train in Azadi square station. The exit way of terminal's subway station is located in its inter-urban sector.

In order to become familiar with the fees of road trips and road transportation in Iran, consider the following numbers:

The price of a Tehran-Isfahan bus ticket ranges between 20 and 33 thousand tomans.

The price of a taxi from Tehran to Isfahan is 70 thousand tomans.

Railway Transport in Tehran

From Tehran, there is a railway leading to almost all touristic cities of the country - Iran's railway is in progress of being constructed in the western regions of the country and for the western cities. In order to get information about directions, stations, and expenses of travelling with train from Tehran to other cities or other touristic regions of Iran, you need to refer to the official website of the railway organization of Islamic republic of Iran. the good news, however, is that this website is multilingual and you will be able to collect information you are looking for easily and even , in case of having a tourist credit card, book a ticket online.

The address of Tehran's railway station: Vali'asr Street, Raa'aahan or railway square, railway station. You can get there by subway. In order to take the subway, you need to get lane 3, that is, the azure blue lane, and get off in the railway station. In addition, there are express buses from north to south of Tehran, that is, from Tajrish square to Raah'aahan or railway square, which can be used for getting there.

In order to get a better perspective of the train ticker fees, you need to take the following numbers into consideration:

Tehran-Mashhad train ticket: ranging from 45 to 122 thousand tomans.

The suggestions to be made for travelling to Tehran from other important touristic cities of Iran

Here, we have introduced the best choices for travelling to Tehran from other important touristic cities of Iran with regard to such criteria as the increase of the spiritual experience and dimension of the trip, distance, security and safety and the like. Keep in mind that it is purely our suggestion and you can endorse or reject it based on your trip plan.

Kish-Tehran: by plane

Qeshm-Tehran: by plane

Chabahar-Tehran: by plane

Mashhad-Tehran: by plane

Isfahan-Tehran: Road trip

Shiraz-Tehran: Road trip

Kashan-Tehran: Road trip

Yazd-Tehran: Railway travel

Kerman-Tehran: By plane

Qazvin-Tehran: Road trip

Zanjan-Tehran: Road trip

Khuzestan-Tehran: Railway travel

Hamadan-Tehran: Road trip

Kermanshah-Tehran: By plane

Tabriz-Tehran: By plane

Gilan-Tehran: Road trip

Mazandaran-Tehran: Road trip

Golestan-Tehran: Railway travel

Public Transportation in Tehran

In overall, public transport is done by three means, bus, taxi, and subway. There are no electric buses and trams available in Tehran. Our suggestion to you is using the subway lanes which is almost accessible at all points of the city and has got stations next to almost all important tourist attractions of the capital and other spectacular places in the city. This is because you will be saved from the traffic in this way. In order to move from one point of the city to another, we recommend that you stick to the modern technology and download the maps relevant to the bus and subway stations of Tehran so that you navigate easily the places where you want to be and the best transport path and station for them. You can use this link in order to learn about the way the bus system navigation works and thus download the bus system navigation used specially for finding bus lanes and stations in Tehran. You can refer to this link to do the same about the subway stations of Tehran and their lanes. With the help of these applications, you will be able to locate the nearest station to the attraction you are planning to visit.

Subway in Tehran

Tehran has got the vastest subway network all over the country. It is not yet completed and is more a project in progress whose development till goes on. Nevertheless, in most parts of the city, you will be able to see the subway stations and in case of going to them, you will be able to connect with most parts of Tehran and its relevant subway lanes. In Tehran's subway, you need to notice the intersections of the lanes so that, if necessary, change lane in time. A one-way ticket of subway in Tehran is 800 tomans. If you use the credit cards specially charged and used for Tehran's bus and subway system, you will enjoy a little discount as per trip. You can get this credit card in any of the stations of the subway system.

Taxis and Buses in Tehran

Tehran has got a number of large ride and parks from which the buses and taxis commute to other and in fact most parts of the cities. More to this, Tehran has got expresses buses in various directions and lanes. The cost of a bus ticket in Tehran is about 500 tomans and that of the subway 800 tomans. The cost of taking an ordinary taxi in the average in Tehran starts from 1000 tomans and can increase due to the distance covered. Keep in mind that ordinary taxis are usually cheaper than online ones.

An Important Point: Tehran is a large metropolis and heavy traffic and traffic jams can be considered as one of the major issues it is dealing with. For this reason, it is highly important to know at what hours you will be using public transport so that you face less crowds and save time. During the weekdays, that is, from Saturday to Wednesday, you should expect a heavy traffic from 7 to 9 in the morning. Also, there is a similar situation in the streets from 4 to 7 in the afternoon and in the evening. Outside this time frame and also on Fridays, you will encounter a less heavily populated city.

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