About Tehran

Tehran's Tourist Attractions

Even though Tehran is modern metropolis crowded and full of noise, there are worthwhile treasures hidden amidst its high rises and whirling highways which you shouldn’t miss if you are going to travel to Tehran, such as the National Museum of Carpet, Jewelry, and eye-catching royal palaces. As if it were a nourishing mother, Alborz has embraced this 250 year-old city on its snow-white arms. The capital of Iran, globally known with such symbols as Azadi (known as Liberty) and Milad Towers, is a magnificently vast metropolis, highly populated, and a perfect combination of nature, history, technology, and industry.

The historical context of the city serves as a powerful magnet absorbing tourists to travel to Tehran from the remotest countries and leaves them astounded with the manifestation of the glory of Iranian art and architecture as it invites them to travel to Iran out of passion for its exceptionally glimmering palaces, royal monuments, admirable architecture, many-colored decorations, and awe-striking mirrorwork.

The Museums of Tehran

The museums of Tehran, with their richness and diversity is one of the attractions you must know about if you are going to travel to Tehran, the museums boast the immense and millennia-old civilization of Iran before the eyes of its visitors. Moreover, its dwellers, having migrated to Tehran from all over the country, offer an amicable perspective of the ethnic diversity of the Iranians to the visiting tourists. Tehran is beautiful and a number of its unique attractions are registered in UNESCO's World Heritage Status.

Tehran’s Climate

It is stretched from the hillsides of Alborz Mountains down to the arid deserts of Iran; in one side, it has a mountainous landscape and, in the other side, it finds its way into a desert and this unique characteristic actually adds up to its attractiveness. It has a mild climate and considered as having one of the loveliest weathers among all cities throughout the country. Despite the fact that more often than not, the city suffers from heavy traffic and air pollution, it manages to present its beauty nevertheless.

Tehran’s Hospitable People

Tehraners are kind, ever-smiling, and conversationalist. They are kind to tourists and try to create a memorable visit for them owing to their hospitality, an authentic national trait among all Iranians.

Tehran’s Economy

Tehran is the beating heart of Iran's economy. For this reason, a rich variety of heavy and light industries are located all around it which, nonetheless, remain out of sight of the tourists thanks to being far from its residential center and historical context. However, Tehran's historical Bazaar, considered as one of the most decisive economic elements of the country, yet, well beyond its commerce and trade features, also proves pretty amazing and attractive for the tourists themselves so much so that visiting the historical complex of this Bazaar, and walking in its labyrinthine alleys, arcades, and passageways would surely amount to an un-negligible option for travelers who wants to travel to Tehran.

Tehran’s Hotels and Restaurants

The most highly facilitated hotels and the best means of welfare and comfort, exemplar restaurants serving the traditional dishes and cuisines with the highest imaginable quality from all over the country, and the biggest treasures of handicrafts and souvenirs collected from every single corner of Iran right at the heart of the capital enable the tourists to touch Iranian art, creativity, fragrance, and taste in the shortest possible time and thus carry the most pleasant memories of this trip with themselves back home.

Tehran’s Public Transportation

Tehran is connected to a subway system, an express bus system, and mobile taxis and so, by the use of such various means of transport, it is possible to visit all of the attractions of the city with ease and comfort. It also has two airports, one exclusively for international flights, and the other for national ones. Moreover, for being located at the center of the country and due to its strategic importance, Tehran is also one of the main highways interconnecting all parts of the country to one another from north to south and from east to west. As a result, it is connected to all the cities located around its outskirt through highly standard highways.

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