Should do in Hamadan

You will need about three days to visit this city.

Things to do on your First Day of visiting Hamadan

For the first day of your visit, go on a tour to visit the attractions found inside the city. Make sure to visit the Stony Lion Statue. Also, go to its historical Bazar and wander around its ancient chambers and try to engrave the fragrance of its spiceries and perfumeries in your historical memory. Visit its Jame' Mosque as well and do not forget to visit the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai and get a good look at its Alevite Dome and Qorban (lit. Sacrificial) Tower. Most probably, you will be brought into outmost excitement and bewilderment by visiting a square at the center of which there is a tomb of a religiously holy figure with a golden dome on top of it and two golden minarets at its both sides.

Visiting the interior of Imam’Zadeh Abdullah Shrine would guarantee you getting some acquaintance with the perplexing mirrorwork and sublime decoration and ornamental arts applied in Iranian religious atmospheres. Visit Baba’Taher’s Tomb, and wander about the artifact stores of the city. Also, make sure to visit Avicenna’s Tomb. You will be able to get some rest and relax for a while in the green surroundings of the Museum and feel the firsthand amazement that is caused by the flight and singing of numberless starlings in that area. Also, go to visit the remnants of the Ancient City and visit its Church and Museum. Leave the night to visit Abbass’Aabaad’s Hill and Pool.

things to do in Hamadan

Things to do on your Second Day of visiting Hamadan

Leave the second day for visiting the waterfall and the inscriptions of Ganj’Nameh. Use the recreational facilities of the complex and get on its tele-cabin to get yourself to a spot with lovely weather on the hillsides of Alvand Mountain, called Mishaan Square. Spend some hours there to enjoy the exhilarating mountain weather and the surrounding nature. You can also try certain winter activities and sports including skiing. The Cultural and Recreational Complex of Ganj’Nameh has also considered certain facilities for the adventurers and we recommend that you should try them as well. However, if you are not interested in residing in mountainous flats and resorts, you can allocate the remaining part of the day to visit the global earthenware city of Laleh’Jin where you can visit earthenware workshops and take walk amidst the stores in which you find ceramic and earthenware dishes on sale with colors and patterns all pleasant to the eye of the beholder. As for having dinner, you can go to one of the traditional restaurants of the city where excellent stews are served.

things to do in Hamadan

Things to do on your Third Day of visiting Hamadan

The third day, however, should be allocated to visiting Ali’Sadr Cave. There is a rather long distance between the Cave and city. There is also some waiting involved until you get to buy tickets and take your turn for the visit. So, it is probable for you to have to spend a few hours for this visit. That is why you are recommended to leave the entire day for this cave-exploration in order not to worry any shortage of time during the visit.

things to do in Hamadan

The Spectacular Nightly Spots in Hamadan

If you go on a trip to Hamadan, at night, you can go to the hills of Abbass'Aabaad which includes recreational and residential complexes plus a lake. The beautiful restaurant, which is situated amidst the lake, has got a very beautiful nocturnal view. These recreationally facilitated hills, which are located on the feet of the mountain, overlook the entire city and enable you to have a panoramic view of the city at night. Avecina's Tomb is also very glorious at night. Imam'Zadeh and Shahzadeh (or the holy descent prince), known as Hussein Hamadan, which can offer a quite spiritual nocturnal experience given its beautiful tile-worked eivan or terrace.

Hamadan Foods and Souvenirs

While visiting Hamadan, make sure not to forget trying Dizi or Persian Stew which is considered the main dish of the city. Moreover, it is highly advisable that you try local and traditional delights such as pone and Yellow Halva or sweet paste. However, since you cannot conserve and keep halva for a long time, it naturally would not make a good souvenir. But, most probably, walnut would be the best edible souvenir to get from there. As a token, you can get ceramic dishes and pottery products or hand-woven leather products and items. This city is, as mentioned earlier, the center of herbal medicine of the entire country and thus it is better to get some of the best fragrant medically beneficial herbs from its speceries and perfumeries. If you learn that Avicenna, the prominent Iranian doctor, used such herbal medicine as a remedy for the patients he visited in the city and its surroundings, then it is almost certain that you would not hesitate buying and consuming them.

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