Should do in Gilan

Gilan is a very beautiful area and you can wander about it for weeks without being faced with any boredom. Nevertheless, in order to be at least capable of visiting its most noticeable attractions, you will need to allocate at least three days to your trip.

Things to do on your First Day of visiting Gilan

Keep in mind that the experience of visiting Gilan technically begins as soon as the road to the area commences and you will be able to enjoy its attractions firsthand. If you are setting off from Tehran to Gilan, you will see on your way Manjil Dome, Harzevil Cypress, and the landscape of the gigantic windmills all located throughout your journey. Right before arriving at Rasht, make sure to visit the Museum of Rural Heritage and Sarvan Jungle Park. The Museum of Rural Heritage is a vast area that can at least take half a day for you to visit it thoroughly. After this visit, get to Rasht and make sure not to miss its sunset and nighttime. The open fruitage and vegetable market of Rasht is considered as one of the main attractions of the city and it will certainly amount to an intriguing experience for any tourist to observe the cultural interactions of the locals in there. Also, to take a walk in the pedestrian route of Rasht's Municipality Sq. is a refreshing experience that you are advised not to miss.

things to do in Gilan

Things to do on your Second Day of visiting Gilan

As for the second day of your trip, go to the International Pond of Anzali and experience the remarkably unique boat-ride amidst the reeds and lilies and other pond flowers.  After visiting the Pond, you can set off for a visit to Gisoom Shore, and, on the same evening, you can take the way to Masouleh and visit this spiral staircase-shaped village. The nocturnal quietude and tranquility of the traditional resorts of the village plus the joy of the dashingly beautiful spectacle and lovely weather of the area would be the best offer we could make for you to experience.

things to do in Gilan

Things to do on your Third Day of visiting Gilan

The third day of your trip should be allocated to visiting Rudkhan Castle. To get there, you have to go for hike across the forest. Thus, it is necessary that you allot more time to this visit. If you are interested in seeing Lilium Labedourii, you will have to leave one more day aside in your trip schedule and go to the summer country of Damash. In order to find out about the best time to visit Gilan in case you want to see this Liluim, refer to the present website's section of Gilan Tourist Attractions. Furthermore, if you are interested in visiting more natural attractions, Olsanbelanga Country, located in Masal, Shaytan'Kouh (lit. the Devil Mountain) and the beautiful Asalem-Khalkhaal Road are the most extra-ordinary destinations you should plan to go to.

things to do in Gilan

Try Gilan Foods

Rash is one of the most culinary creative cities of Iran. Consequently, never miss trying local cuisine while you are there. Mirzaghasemi (eggplant stew), Torsh'Tareh (Sour Leek), Baqla Qatoq (fava bean and yoghurt stew), spawn, Sir Qalyeh (garlic-marinated chicken), Fesenjan (pomegranate syrup and walnut stew) usually served with forest birds' meat are a number of must-try's. Try "Green Salt" with yoghurt. When having tea, try local cookies such as Fooman Kulucheh or Reshteh Khoshkar with it and, simply put, try to enjoy all delicious local dishes of the area mostly served in traditional dishes and plates.

Buy Gilan Souvenirs

Olive and its by-products, rice, and tea, are some of the best souvenirs of this part of the country. As a token, you can get Russian-style Matryoshka Dolls. Moreover, hand-woven socks and hacky dolls are the result of the artistic hands of the local women of the area. A certain ground cloth or mat, called Namad, and other wooden and wicker hand-made products are among the other handicrafts of this region. Gilan, in general, and two major cities in there, that is Fooman and Lhijan, in particular, are the centers of the production of the regional cookie knows as Koloucheh throughout the country. So, you really should try them and in case that you want to buy a suitable souvenir from there, the nicely packaged cookies of Lahijan would be an excellent choice.

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