About Chabahar

Chabahr is the farthest point from the capital, Tehran, and is the only oceanic harbor in the country and thanks to its unique weather condition, free markets, and also natural attractions is considered as one of the most attractive trip destinations in Iran. The tourist attractions of Chabahar are richly diverse, unique, and thrilling, and travelling to Chabahar will be a unique and thrilling experience as well.

Martian Mountains and the Pink-Colored Lake

Lipaar lake, with its pinkish mystifying color, Haraa jungles in Gwadar bay standing half in the sea and half in the air, Ficus religiosa, mud volcanoes, and miniature or Martian mountains are the most highlighted natural landscapes and tourist attractions of Chabahar and are so strange and unique and admirable that it appears as if they belonged in another planet; it is also worth mentioning that Jules Verne, the author of some of the most well-known science fiction stories in the entire world, has written his literary masterpieces being inspired by the touristic landscapes of Chabahar.

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The Burnt City

The village, castle, and Jame' mosque of tis and Jame' mosque of Dezak are some of the most noteworthy attractions of Chabahar. the remnants of the burnt city which one was the most prosperous and civilized city in the ancient world, despite being located a few hundreds of kilometers away from chabahr, is considered as the gem of the historical tourism of the south of Iran and is most often given a place in the list of those tourists who travel to Chabahar and are interested in history and civilization. 

The Mugger Crocodiles

Chabahar is ecologically important since it is the living site of the mugger crocodile. This short muzzled Iranian crocodile is one of the most thrilling tourist attractions of Chabahar and visiting it can release a good deal of adrenalin into your blood.

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Chabahar and Global Markets

Even though Chabahar has its own unique tourist attractions, still it has an even more colorful commercial profile. This harbor is a free market zone, with quays with the ability to host disembarking ocean liners and because it is the nearest way for gaining access to the mid-Asian countries which are surrounded by land, has got a key strategic role in world trade.

The Harbor with the Best Weather in Iran

Chanabahr is located by Mecran or Mekran see and Indian Ocean and even though it is closer to the lower geographical latitudes, it still has a mild and cool weather in summer and, in winter, it is considered the warmest part of Iran. For this reason, this harbor is called Chabahar because Chahar Bahar is the combination of two words in Farsi meaning the four springs or the four-springed city. The tourism industry of Chabahar mostly owes its prosperity to its geographical location.

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