Should do in Chabahar

Chabahar is considered as the farthest point from the capital of Iran, Tehran. Almost all people who choose this area as their trip destination use airline to get there. If you want to visit the spectacular places of the magical Chabahar in the shortest amount of time, you should allocate two days to your visit. You can take our advice in Destription, and, given your own interests and preferences, add or cross out certain items to our suggested list.

Things to do on your First Day of visiting Chabahar

Allocate the first day of your visit to visiting tis village, telegraph center, quay and shore, and tis mosque. Also, visit the Portuguese castle and the small market of handicraft industry. Go to see Herra jungles and take a walk in the turtles' shore. These are all among the spectacular places to visit in Chabahar and if you don't leave some time to visit them, you may regret it in the future.

things to do in Chabahar

Things to do on your Second Day of visiting Chabahar

Leave the second day to visit the beautiful pink-colored Lipar lake, the mud volcano and banana and mango gardens. Kahir plane and rock terraces need to be visited, along with the Martian mountains. Ramin quay, visiting the launches and Ficus religiosa, too, must be done on the second day. On this day, you will encounter the strangest places found in Chabahar which would amount to a breath-taking experience for sure.

things to do in Chabahar

After you finish your visit to Chabahar harbor, if you are still looking for a destination to go to and in case you have taken an interest in the ancient civilizations, you can hit the road for the burnt city located at a 800 kilometer long distance from Chabahar and enjoy visiting the remnants of the most unique and exemplar civilization of the ancient world. The burnt city is one of the most singled out spectacular places in Iran and is globally praised for its significant historical value.

Try Chabahr Foods

While travelling to Chabahar, make sure to try the local dishes. Date dish, which is a mixture of date, bread, rice, and cereal, is a must-eat along with the local seafood. 

Buy Chabahar Souvenirs

To buy traditional souvenirs, the embroideries of the Chabahari women would be an excellent choice. These women use subjective and creative techniques in their art and create beautiful images and patterns on cloth which is also known as coin-broidery, Baluchi broidery, Chaarbaafi or four-folded broidery, and Baluchi needle broidery. This exquisite delicate and eye-pleasing broidery is offered on various cloth-based materials such as table cloth, shawl, and other sorts of clothing. The terra cota works of Kalporgan have been registered by UNESCO in world heritage status and can be considered a valuable gift brought back by one from a trip to the southeast of Iran and play the role of a reminder of the spectacular places one has visited in Chabahar.

things to do in Chabahar

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