Mangrove forests (Hara Forests) are wonderful and one of the most naturally virgin and beautiful regions in Chabahar. It is dipped into water by half with and thanks to its astonishing greenness, a unique spectacle is endowed upon Gwadar bay by it. Mangrove forest is a marine jungle with pure aboriginal and unified trees that can thrive without relying on fresh water and is considered as a safe place for a rich variety of birds and marine life creatures as well. When visiting it, you will surely be amazed and, in addition, while passing through its labyrinthine ways, you will be able to behold crawling fish, rare species of birds like the fisher eagle, pelicans, and flamingos.

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Mangrove forest consists of shrubs that grow in saline water of the tropical regions. one of the distinguishing features of this plant is that its seed first goes through the initial stages of its development on the mother tree and then the young newly grown plant separates itself from the mother and falls onto the water. Mangrove forests develop in regions that have a swampy soil resulted from the corrosive sediments of the coastal areas and thus always exposed tidal movements of the sea. In fact, at the time of ebb tide or the receding movement of the tide, the mangrove forest emerges from the surface of the water and resembles an island while, at the time of flood tide, it is submerged under the sea which is a wonderful spectacular scene to witness.

A Natural Fresh Water Creator

Mangrove plant feeds upon turning the salt water into fresh water. At the end of July and the mid-august, the flowers of the mangrove forest begin blossoming. This plant has got yellow flowers and its almond-shaped fruit is very sweet and pleasant to taste. The height of the mangrove forests can even exceed four meters. The roots of the trees of this forest are spread upon the surface of the earth and thus participate in the absorption of the oxygen as well. Its oviformed and stretched leaves is quite agreeable to the consumption of the livestock and is considered to have a high nutritious value.

To get to the mangrove forests, you need to take the direction of Gwadar bay. Enter Chabahar-Gwadar village road from the eastside. After 100 kilometers, this road will take you to Gwadar village.

There is no time restriction for visiting the forest. Yet, at the time of the unset and sunrise, both, and thanks to the tidal movements and the inter-play of light and color, you will certainly witness an astounding landscape.


Within the territory of the mangrove forest, there is the possibility to rent a boat for visiting the jungle. It is important to carry along sun cream and an edged hat. There is no food found in Gwadar harbor. Thus, it is important to have some snack with yourself. The locals of the area are quite hospitable and you'd better make most of their kindness and guidance. We recommend that you make the necessary arrangements with Mr. Baluch'zaadeh, the head of the cultural heritage organization of Konarak County, through the phone number +989159942667.