Iran Accommodation Types

For a tourist who is planning to travel to another country residence is one of the most important issues that he or she needs to think it through and decide about it before the trip happens. A residence in an inconvenient residential place is stressful and problematic and can turn the trip experience into catastrophe and, along with creating negative feelings in the tourist, waste his or her money and time as well. In Iran, there are three types of residences that you can try Hotels, Eco touristic resorts, and caravanserais.


Iran’s hotels are like anywhere else in the world divided to one, two, three, four, and five star hotels. Each of these categories includes varying services and facilities and thus has different fees. Motels or guest houses are another kind of residence that would cost less and, in proportion to their fee, offer more limited comfort facilities to their guests. Moreover, hotel-apartments fall into the same category. In these residential facilities, there is also the possibility of cooking. For this reason, it seems to be a good option for those who want to travel on a tighter budget given the fact that restaurants usually make the trip experience more costly. In addition, hotel-museums, hotel-caravanserais, and hotel-gardens fall into this category which are, of course, quite expensive. In all the cities of Iran, big or small, there are examples of such resorts with varying degrees in their quality. You can gain access to most of them through the internet to book a room in them. Such resorts often give their guests free internet service. When they are four or five star resorts, they provide other services for their guests such as free transference from the airport to the hotel and/or from there to the main attractions of the city.

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Eco Touristic Resorts

These resorts can amount to a different travelling style for the tourists. The Eco touristic resorts are constructed with the use of the local materials found in the region and try to have the highest possible degree of harmony and congruity with their natural environment. In these resorts, local food is presented and being present in them is a good opportunity for becoming familiar with the local culture of the people of the region. Such resorts are in operation under the supervision of the tourism, handicraft industry organizations and also the organization of Iran’s cultural heritage. So, they have the necessary certificates and are considered safe. In such resorts, the relationship between the tourists and the managers or runners of the resort is defined on the basis of host-guest norms. In other words, you will be considered as the guest of the house and, based on the family-based culture of Iran, your host will try his or her best to make sure you have a great time in there. If residing in such resorts, you will be able to appreciate an aspect of the hospitable culture of the Iranians and enjoy their intimacy and guest-adoring attitude.

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In history, it is stated that in Iran, with the order of the great shah Abbas, 999 caravanserais were created. these caravanserais were located on the course of the silk road in order to develop and expand trade in Iran and the caravans that were heading east from west of the world or vice versa used to take a short break in them. Today, however, only a handful of these caravanserais are left and now, after being renovated and reconstructed, provide the tourists residing in them with residential and comfort facilities akin to that of their own traditional style. If you wish to experience spending a night in a caravanserai, you must keep in mind that the rooms named Hojreh or chamber will be offered to you. Moreover, you should not expect to receive the same services that hotels provide for their guests.

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The whole philosophy of staying in a caravanserai is based on the notion that you become familiar with the oldest and most traditional aspects of having a residential place in Iran. As a result, everything is held as simple and as traditional as possible; there will be no fancy restaurant or a rich variety of western-style dishes, and there won't be any sign of using cards to open doors to the rooms or a porter or bellboy carrying your luggage to your room. There is also no exclusive restroom for each chamber. All this aside, staying in a caravanserai can amount to one of the dreamiest and most thrilling experiences anyone have in a lifetime. with taking a residence in there and spending a night at that place, you will be able to experience the ways and days of those ancient merchants and the experience of travelling on horse or camel and by staring at the velvet sky above your head and the milky way, feel like one of those ancient merchants in course of their trade journies. The most popular and well-known caravanserai, open to residency, in Iran is near Yazd. It is a round-shaped resort called Zein'ol din.

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