Zanjan's Knives

Have you read our article about the salt-men along with one woman? They were the some thousand year old ones who were naturally mummified and discovered in the salt-mine of Chehr'aabaad in Zanjan. They all had with them the sickles and other battle equipment of the primitive men tied to their belt and this fact itself demonstrates that the art of crafting knives in Zanjan has got a history of thousands of years.

The capital of knife-crafting in the old world

Zanjan was considered as one of the hubs of knife-manufacturing in the old world and it was actually the capital of weaponry at the time of the Achamenedean Empire and thus this particular line of industry has got a very rich historical background in Zanjan. One of the most famous and popular gifts to be fetched from Zanjan is its knife which, not only in Iran, but also has got a considerable fame globally. The knives made in Zanjan are hand-made and their distinguishing feature is their handles. These handles are crafted in three separate stages and then are connected to the blade of the knife with unique techniques. Such a knife has got various functions and uses from being used as a kitchen appliance to hospitality purposes, nature-wandering, agriculture and the like.


Pay attention not to buy identical products. In Iran, there are other regions known for knife crafting whose knives are not as popular as that of Zanjan. If you wish to buy a decorative knife, choose the ones with bone-made handles or shell-made handles. Also, pay attention to get one with steel blade so that it doesn't get rusted out due to being in contact with water.

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