Caviar is one of the most energizing, delicious, and expensive foods in the entire world and, for this very reason, today, it is dubbed to be the black pearl. Caviar is actually the egg of a certain kind of sturgeon fish from Acipenseridae species and Caspian Sea, in Iran, is considered as the largest natural habitat of this caviar-bearing fish. Almost 90 percent of the caviar found in the global markets is provided from Caspian Sea. The Iranian caviar is considered as the most valuable sort of its kind in the entire world thanks to its being kept away from contaminating chemicals. Caviar is also called the dexterity of youth.

The benefits of caviar

Caviar contains protein, fat, vitamin, enzyme, various hormones, vitamins A-E-C-B2-B6-B12, folic acid, and various kinds of mineral ingredients and the amino acids and plenty of proteins found in it have made it quite revitalizing and reinvigorating. Caviar is full of unsaturated fatty acids that can maintain the health of the heart and veins and prevent heart attack. It also strengthens the body's immune system and guarantees the health of the neuronal cells. It can prevent depression and such diseases as the inflation of the joints, maldigestion, and certain types of cancer.

How to consume caviar

Caviar is the most aristocratic breakfast of the world. Some people consume it raw or with yolk. Many of the caviar-admirers, too, take a little portion of it, enough to fill the top of a spoon, with aromatic vegetables or a little piece of bread and butter. It is recommended to consume caviar at most three days after opening its can. The best temperature for preserving it is minus three degrees of centigrade.

Important things to remember when buying caviar

The production and sale of caviar in Iran is under the state's monopoly. Original caviar is presented in glass containers of 30, 50, and 100 grams with blue, yellow, red, and green caps in a vacuum state. These containers are wrapped in a paper veil and protected with a copper seal.

Custom regulations

It is allowed to take one kilogram caviar sealed by Iran’s national fisheries with a purchase receipt of the fisheries' airport branch and other official relevant centers.

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