Should do in Mashhad

The majority of the visitors who travel to Mashhad are pilgrims to the Religious Complex of Imam Reza. Thus, most of the visit plans and locations placed in any travel schedule to the city fall into the category of religious attractions located around the Shrine. Normally, four days is the shortest time you need to allocate to be able to visit Mashhad and its three main touristic features mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, some tourists prefer to extend their visit to the city to 10 days in order that they get to conduct according to their religious beliefs and codes and perform their religious activities and duties in full.

However, our offers and suggestion for your trip can come out quite flexible and based on what you desire most and the number of days you wish to allocate to your visit to this area. Keep in mind that the Shrine's doors are open to visitors all around the clock. So, it is possible for you to leave your nighttime to visit the Shrine. It is actually recommendable to attend the Shrine after midnight to be blessed with its quietude and spiritually tranquilizing atmosphere. However, we suggest that you visit the Complex in the middle of the day if you are interested in observing the particular religious rituals performed by the believers who come to the Shrine.

Things to do on your First Day of visiting Mashhad

The first day of your trip to Mashhad is better be fully allocated to visiting the Religious Complex of Imam Reza. Go and visit the Museum-Garden of Naderi Serai or Resort, and make sure to visit the traditional Bazar of Reza where you can purchase valuable items such as raisin, saffron, rock candy, ginger candy, and rosaries decorated with precious stones. You can return to the Shrine at night to be overwhelmed with its nightly spiritual tranquility and peace. Keep in mind that there you can observe the intriguing ceremony of naker or tymbal playing. It is a musical instrument played only in the Shrine - and not anywhere else in the entire world - in particular moments before sunset and sunrise.

 things to do in Mashhad

Things to do on your Second Day of visiting Mashhad

The second day of your visit better be allocated to visiting Toos Village. In the middle of your way to that area, you can visit Hawrouniyeh Dome or Hawroun Prison and then continue your trip to Toos after that visit. When in Toos, visit the Commemoration Statue, the Museum, and the Tomb of Ferdowsi. Then return to Mashhad and visit such attractions as the Tomb of Pireh'Palandooz, Green Dome, and the Tomb of Khajeh Rabi'. Make sure to visit Haftad'o'Do'Tan Mosque and in case that you were still in the mood for revisiting Imam Reza Shrine, feel free to go to the Golden Dome. Feeding the doves found around the Shrine is certainly an attractive thing to do.

things to do in Mashhad

Things to do on your Third Day of visiting Mashhad

The third day, however, better be allocated to visiting Nishapur, especially to visiting the Complex in which Khayyam, Attar, and a number of other figures of note in the area of Iranian culture, science, and literature, are buried, and also wander around the turquoise shops found there in which you can purchase invaluable accessories decorated with turquoise. These turquoise stones are considered as some of the most valuable, precious, and expensive stones found in the entire world and thus an ideal choice for a souvenir or token to take back from Mashhad. 

things to do in Mashhad

Things to do on your Fourth Day of visiting Mashhad

Finally, the last day of your visit better be allocated to going on a picnic in the county of Shandiz. Shandiz kabab is certainly the most popular food you would find in Mashhad and it is not farfetched to say that no trip to the city would be rightfully considered complete without trying it, unless, of course, you are a vegetarian. Mashhadian Hotchpotch is also one of the most popular traditional foods found in that city and in case that it caught your glance in the menu of any restaurant, do not hesitate to order it. Moreover, Saffron is one of the most important gifts and souvenirs anyone could take back home when visiting Iran. Leather products, carpet and rug, tableau-carpet, and saffron rock candy, too, are among the favorite souvenirs of this area and thus a very suitable choice for those who want to take something home after their visit to the city.

things to do in Mashhad

The Spectacular Nightly Spots in Mashhad

The Shrine and Tomb of Imam Reza, with the complexes built around it, is the resting place of many pilgrims at the night time. The tomb of Ferdowsi, the Persian epic poet, is also highly frequented and very beautiful at night, and shines like a diamond in Chahar'Baaq Square (or Four-Gardens Square) which surrounds it. The Mall known as Almas-eh Sharq (or the Diamond of the East) in Mashhad is also a suitable choice for those who want to both hang around at night and go shopping at that time. The Amusement Park of Mashhad is also one of the best of its kind in the whole country and quite busy at night, so if you are looking for excitement and being among large crowds of people at night, you need to go there. One of the biggest merry-go-rounds in the whole Middle East. Khayyam's Tomb, with its matchless geometrical architectural design, is a good spot for a spiritual night-time hang around.

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